Zimbabwe Dunamis

Sector – Agriculture


Zimbabwe Dunamis Agricutural Company Pvt Ltd (Zim Dumanis) is an agribusiness company registered in Zimbabwe for the purpose of farming, agricultural exports and consultancy. Zim Dunamis came into being after assessing the current Zimbabwean agricultural landscape and seeing the zeal in new farmers who are lacking the skills and expertise to match their desire to grow their business.

The company has entered into partnerships with new and established farmers around the country. We visit farmers on their turf providing much needed agricultural consultancy from preparation to marketing of their produce. We also have several in-house farming projects that we also use to train and demonstrate to farmers on how to run their own projects giving them entrepreneurial skills which puts them in good stead the future development of their business and the country.

We put farmers at the core of all our operations as we believe Zimbabwe’s Agricultural industry is key in turning around our economy and putting the country back as the breadbasket of Africa.